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Food waste is a resource that should be exploited, rather than a burden on companies and the environment. Converta offers an innovative, cost effective recycling solution for food and organic waste.  The Converta process enables companies in food, catering and hospitality  to respond to and exceed increasingly demanding environmental and legal standards.

The Converta processes food waste into a nutrient-rich soil supplement, or compost, that can also be used as bio-fuel. The Converta is designed to be small enough to be located within any commercial kitchen or food processing facility, removing the need for transporting food waste to landfill, thus offering additional environmental benefits.

Combining modern engineering with bio-sciences, the new process is ultra compact, energy-efficient, highly carbon positive and much faster than any traditional in-vessel composting process currently available. Food waste is converted to ready-to-use compost within 72 hours.

With technicians and product engineers based in strategic locations, Converta offers a logistical infrastructure to serve customer requirements 24/7 around the globe.